I looked at your bug again:
347, in write_footer
   of.write('\t<p id="createdate">%s</p>\n' % msg)

So it looks like the symbols in the date have a problem to display.
Can you open a bug on the bug tracker http://bugs.gramps-project.org/ and paste the error there. A developer working in nar web can have a look then.

You can post there the result of the following experiment:
Open the file
as root, save a backup version, then go to line 346 which reads:

        value = _dd.display(value)
        msg = _('Generated by <a href="http://gramps-project.org">'
                'GRAMPS</a> on %(date)s') % {'date' : value}

and change it by
        value = _dd.display(value)
        print 'bad value is', value
        value = 'no date'
        msg = _('Generated by <a href="http://gramps-project.org">'
                'GRAMPS</a> on %(date)s') % {'date' : value}

save, and restart GRAMPS inside a terminal. You will see on terminal what the bad value is, and if it works, the website should be made with date 'no date'


2009/3/12 Rolf Gellersen <rogell@arcor.de>
Benny Malengier schrieb am 12.03.2009 09:19:
> The error is in your database.
> It appears GRAMPS to write the footer text of your webpage, but this footer
> contains some symbols that python is not able to print, and it raises a
> UnicodeDecodeError.
I have no footers on my webpage. But i put one footer in ... without
result. GRAMPS generates only the page "induviduals.html". And there i
cannot find a footer and also no "copyright", when i tried this.
> So please, have a look at the text of your footer, and remove the footer,
> then try again. Then add the text again and retry.
> Normally it is impossible to add non-unicode symbols to notes in GRAMPS, it
> would be interesting for us to know how this bad symbols where added to the
> database.
I also checked the database, but everthing - so was me told - is o.k.