2009/2/26 James Bridge <james@xmas.demon.co.uk>
A marriage is a family event. Since events can be shared, one can also
make it a personal event for each party. But why not get Gramps to do
this automatically? Then, when looking at the events for an individual,
one would see the marriage as well as birth, death etc.

There is no reason to store it like that. It is perfectly deducible from the information present. So one can write a gramplet or change the relationship view to show these things with the information present.
The relationship view makes the marriage however already very clear, no?
Perhaps you don't like that the event list in person or family editor does not show the other events? If you can think of a way to show the family events of a person in a non-intrusive way in the person editor let us know.


James Bridge

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