As I noted in another thread, it appears we run gramps without the optimize flag.

I remember in the past the debug entry was not present in the .deb installed version, but for 3.0.0 it is.

I think we can just add the -O flag to the file to make it correct, but it would be nice to know what caused the change in 3.0.0. It is really annoying we have no autotools expert.


2009/2/28 Brian Matherly <>

> I did what I announced some time ago: data changing
> gramplets and advanced
> gramplets are removed from the Makefiles, so they are not
> part of the
> official distribution. Users can download them instead.

This reminds me...

We should make sure that none of the "debug" tools are distributed. In Gramps 3.1, there ends up being a "debug" submenu under the "tools" menu because one of the debug tools accidentally got distributed.

Could someone double check to make sure we don't distribute any debug tools?