Stephane and all,

We need to make sure all DEBUG data is not in the official release. Due to some error all debug info is now inside of official gramps.

What is wrong:
Gramps should be run with the command: python -O

It appears the -O so the optimization flag, is missing. Due to this, all code with:

if __debug__ :

is part of the official distribution, which should _not_ be the case. In essense this comes down to having a debug entry in the tools menu when running the official distribution, whereas this menu should not be present if run with the correct flag.

The error must be somewhere in the file Anybody has experience there?
I'll make a bug ticket quickly, but must run now.

2009/2/28 Stéphane Charette <>
Last open ticket on Mantis for GRAMPS 3.1.0 is the following:  "Problem with
erroneous birth date in using the family editor"

If I read the comments correctly, the changes that were accidentally
checked in have since been reverted.  Unless someone speaks up, I will
be removing this ticket from the 3.1.0 project.

The only other thing holding us back is the problem I reported earlier
tonight with the "make distcheck" problems.  If this isn't resolved
soon, I'll open a 3.1.0 ticket with those errors.

Should you know of anything else remaining for 3.1.0, _speak_up_now_
so it can be discussed!  Otherwise you'll have to wait for 3.1.x.


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