2009/2/19 Jérôme <romjerome@yahoo.fr>
Yes, users want to know what happen with their data !
Maybe this could be added on SortEvents tool ?

In Family View, I noted that GRAMPS does not ask user if he really wants to remove the selected family (like the others objects)
Some months ago, I tried to make a patch but need to create a DelObject class on Editors/_EditObject and to add code on DataView/ObjectView, generated patch was not very nice :


and more complex (greater than one referenced object) ...


Also, testing changes and updating translation, I see that nl.po has been removed ! I made a mail to Erik. And there is a mistake on src/plugins/textreport/NumberOfAncestorsReport.py, maybe should not use "/" into a translation string because this may add spaces !

text = _("Total ancestors in generations %(second_generation)d to \<-
       %(last_generation)d is %(count)d. %(percent)s") %  {

Does it means :
 we should remove spaces (no indentation) ?

text = _("Total ancestors in generations %(second_generation)d to \
%(last_generation)d is %(count)d. %(percent)s") %  {

This is bad splitting of a string. Change it to
text = _("Total ancestors in generations %(second_generation)d to "
               "%(last_generation)d is %(count)d. %(percent)s") %  {


or to remove "\" ?



Benny Malengier a écrit :
Go ahead with the tips changes.
If other people have time to go over the tips and perhaps add some concerning the changed parts, go ahead!

Jerome, I replied on the bug tracker otherwise


2009/2/19 Jérôme <romjerome@yahoo.fr <mailto:romjerome@yahoo.fr>>

   Hi Devs,

   1. Is it possible or suitable to add two minor changes before 3.1
   (schedule exception) or should be added on trunk only as feature
   requests ? It is related to Dialog used after running tools (patchs
   added), changes should improve coherency for users :

   * To add an information dialog on EventNames.py (like others DB
   modication tools)
   * To use OkDialog instead of ErrorDialog for displaying dialog on
   'Find Dupplicate' tool

   Same question for :
   * No overwrite warning when creating web reports

   2. Also for updating tips (roadmap), maybe should be asked on users
   mailing list or related to answers for common questions on FAQ.
   I do not add tips but I think we might make minor changes (updates) :

   <b>Unsure of a Date?</b> If you're unsure about the date an event
   (for example birth or death), GRAMPS allows you to enter a wide
   range of date formats based on a guess or an estimate. For instance,
   &quot;about 1908&quot; is a valid entry for a birth date in GRAMPS.
   - See section of the GRAMPS manual for a complete description of
   + See wiki manual of the GRAMPS for a complete description of
   date entry options.

   - <b>Different Views</b>: There are nine different views for
   navigating your
   + <b>Different Views</b>: There are twelve different views for
   navigating your
   - People, Relationships, Family List, Pedigree, Events, Sources,
   Places, Media
   + Gramplets, People, Relationships, Family List, Pedigree, Events,
   Sources, Places, Media
   - and Repositories. Each helps you to achieve one or more specific
   + Repositories, Notes and (Html, Maps ?). Each helps you to achieve
   one or more specific tasks.

   GRAMPS allows you to generate a number of reports (both text and
   based on your genealogical information. There is great flexibility in
   selecting what people are included in the reports as well as the output
   - format (html, pdf, OpenOffice, RTF, AbiWord, KWord, LaTeX and
   plain text).
   + format (html, pdf, Open Document Text, RTF, LaTeX and plain text).
   Experiment with the reports under the <b>Reports</b> menu to get an idea
   of how powerful GRAMPS is.

   Interested in getting notified when a new version of GRAMPS is released?
   Join the gramps-announce mailing list at

   Is it still active ?

   - Relationship calculators in GRAMPS are available in ten languages.
   + Relationship calculators in GRAMPS are available in fifteen languages.

   - To run GRAMPS, you need to have GNOME installed. But you do not
   need to be
   + To run GRAMPS, you need to have GTK installed. But you do not need
   to be
   running the GNOME desktop.

   This will break translations by marking this strings as "fuzzy".
   Translators need to validate or change new translated strings...

   Does everybody agree ?

   --    Jérôme R.

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