Not sure of your question.

If you think it is gedcom, then create a family tree in GRAMPS, go to File--> import and select the gedcom file to have GRAMPS read it.


2009/2/2 Theo Tulley <>
Perhaps someone in the Gramps community can help?

I've just tried to download some IGI data from the
website. My downloads are managed by Flashgot in Firefox.
The default downloaded document on my Desktop is html generated by
Microsoft FrontPage 4.0 and ends:
 <p>Your access to has been interrupted.</p>

             <p>The interruption is usually caused by software programs
or older versions of software programs that are not supported by </p>

Ancestry Help indicates that gedcom 5 is the format of the download.

In my LinuxMint 5 system the command  / $ locate gedcom produced results
both of which I can find - neither shows its version in Properties.

Gramps is the latest version 3.0.1 and I expect that it includes the
latest gedcom.

Neither gedcom nor x-gedcom appears in Synaptic.

Yours hopefully, -

    Theo Tulley.

             <p>Please contact your software provider to obtain the
latest version.</p>

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