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Anyway, grampsid is just an id the user can use to number people, families, places, .... It is easy in print and one can search on it via the filter top bar or the filter side bar.
There is no real numbering scheme, you can set the prefix, like P for places, in the preferences though.

Otherwise, I don't understand your question. To see the places, go to the place view,
Then, in the view menu activate 'Filter'. A sidepanel opens. Type P0093 or just 93 in the id field, or type the name in the city/state field


2009/1/31 Graeme Easte <>
Hi - I have spent hours (literally) attempting to contact you/your
group to ask a simple question:

What is the meaning of the Gramps id P0093?  I am looking for the
location/village called Weatherfield in Essex and the only clue I
have is "GRAMPS ID P0093" - but no amount of exploring your extensive
website has given me the slightest clue about how your reference
system works.  Please enlighten me.

Graeme Easte
(new subscriber)

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