I'm working on another new feature in the PlaceView based on a bug report of Peter:

So, visually little changes, the go button in places becomes a menutoolbutton with selection of available map services.
The map services will then be based on a new plugin structure: plugins/mapservices
This scales and allows to answer to some of the questions around maps we get from time to time. These can be solved with plugins.

I see some great possibilities from this, and they can be done with third party plugins then :-).
Anyway, if some people have reservations, let it be known now, before this gets committed.

Some further things about this:
1/Map service is like a tool, but as I can only think of it running in a browser, it is somewhat special (not linked after start to GRAMPS)
2/the menutoolbutton is a quick way to start this tool, after selecting what you want. Clicking in the tools menu, then going to map services, then the service, is just too cumbersome. It extends further the present Go button in 3.0. One can image a menutoolbutton to be usefull in other places too. The base code is added to the PageView class, so that is possible, but due to the nature of this widget the heavy lifting can only take place in the PlaceView class itself.
3/a mapservice could write out first a local page, and then run the browser on that. This could be done with mapstracion ;-)