2009/1/26 Johan Vromans <jvromans@squirrel.nl>
Espen Berg <espenbe@gmail.com> writes:

> > When starting GRAMPS I always get these messages:
> >
> >    Opened successfully!
> >    Database is locked, cannot open it!
> >      Info: Locked by jv@phoenix.squirrel.nl

> If the database is locked ... You can just break the lock (as you
> probably did)

It is not. I do not need to break any locks. Anything functions
normal. It's just that I *always* get this message, even when GRAMPS
has been shutdown properly.

Do the following in the command line:

gramps -l

Now write down the directory where your database that gives problems is stored.
Go to that directory, is there a file named 'lock' ? There should be.
Normally GRAMPS detects that. Just remove the file to solve it, although it would be nice to know why GRAMPS does not automatically remove it and/or asks you if ok...
look into it.

If that is not it, then do a grep search in your home dir to find the file:
grep -r 'jv@phoenix.squirrel.nl' *

-- Johan

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