2009/1/26 Peter Landgren <peter.talken@telia.com>


Thanks for the response,

> In google maps, click on the link icon top left, you see then an url link

> which contains the latitude and longitude, eg:

> http://maps.google.be/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=nl&geocode=&q=zweden&sll=51.05




> The ll=63.170126,17.252054

> field is what you want.

Yes, I see and you get the coordinate of the center of the map. But it's hard to locate a specific place without any marker at the center showing where you are.

If you enable the "GPS-koordinater" function in a Eniro map, you can precisely locate a specific place/house whatever and read or copy/paste the coordinates either LAT/LONG or X/Y.

> I see no longer problem to make it possible to change the map that shows.

> Please do a feature request. It should not be hard to change this based on

> an ini key.

> The ini key could be

> mapview = google,openstreetmap

> where google,... are defined strings in the module that map to a specific

> service. The link button in placeview should then become a dropdown iconbox

> allowing to select the service by the down arrow, click opening the

> service. Please do a feature request, as you can code, by all means, start

> hacking too :-)

My intention was to include this as a possible map in the PaceView "Google-map" not in the HtmlView/GeoView. The Eniro map covers

yes, that was what I was saying too. However, this must scale, if sweden has a map, and germany and, ... we cannot show a dropdown list with 100 entries, we need to design a way that works.
Thinking out loud: this can be another type of easy plugin.

only Sweden and Denmark even if the data base only have Swedish places. There is a very similar Eniro map for Finland too. Probably the URL must be changed some.

I have a hack that works in Placeview if lat and long are given and country == Sweden and for the moment only if I give the coordinates in RT-90 (X/Y). I'm waiting for an answer from Eniro if I can use LAT/LONG in stead. Otherwise I have to write a conversion function.

I have been in contact with Eniro and got the format for the URL. The only requirement Eniro had was that I had to add "&partner=gramps" at the end of the URL.

ok, put all in a feature request on the tracker.
For RT-90, you will have to add it to PlaceUtils.py to convert it to lat/lon, with a conversion function to/from.