2009/1/24 Peter Landgren <peter.talken@telia.com>


I have started to use maps in GRAMPS. However, I find the maps used rather useless in certain areas, where street addresses are not available or used. In many rural areas in Sweden, I don't know about this in other countries, street addresses are not used. In stead most places are addressed by the name of the house (farm) and village.

See Eniro maps:


or Google:


They show about the save area with a little different zoom.

Would it be possible to select another map service for this? I know that there are in GeoView, but this is in PlaceView.

One little problem with the Eniro maps is that they require coordinates in RT90 in stead of WGS 84, which GRAMPS use. Does anybody know of a python coordinate conversion module suitable for śuch conversion?

BTW: Is it possible to get the coordinates from a Google map? The Eniro maps have something like a magnifier lens, which give you coordinates in WGS 84 or RT90.

In google maps, click on the link icon top left, you see then an url link which contains the latitude and longitude, eg:

The ll=63.170126,17.252054
field is what you want.

I see no longer problem to make it possible to change the map that shows. Please do a feature request. It should not be hard to change this based on an ini key.
The ini key could be
mapview = google,openstreetmap
where google,... are defined strings in the module that map to a specific service. The link button in placeview should then become a dropdown iconbox allowing to select the service by the down arrow, click opening the service.
Please do a feature request, as you can code, by all means, start hacking too :-)



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