I agree with you.
So, please do a feature request on the bug tracker, clearly stating the intent, and the reason.
If possible suggest how the edit person dialog should change. Make Title field shorter, of family name field shorter, or a new line, ....
The reason for the present layout is what they call 'screen-real-estate'

Anyway, write back here with the link to the tracker entry  you made, and I'll add it to the roadmap of version 3.1 / 3.2 It can then be discussed by developers and let's hope somebody has the time to implement it.


2009/1/24 Fred Reenders <>
Hello Jérôme,

I knew that the display format could be changed. That works very well.

It is not a matter of display.
What I would like is to promote the entry 'Patronymic' to the first basic
page of a Person (Prefered Name) and not hide it one level deeper in the
Name Editor. It really is just as important as 'Given' and 'Family' names.

The result would be that the basic information of a person can be seen in
one glance and changed in one window.
It would make working with GRAMPS a lot more attractive for e.g. thousands
of Pro-Gen users.

Fred Reenders

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