2009/1/18 williamjmaxam User <wmaxam@aol.com>
   I just recently installed Ubuntu along with Gramps.   I have no
experience with either the Ubuntu OS or with the Gramps Program however,
I was able to install a dual boot  Windows xp / Ubuntu and did achieve
getting Gramps set up and even imported the GEDCOM from Family Tree

Windows is on Drive C:
Ubuntu is on Drive D:

All my genealogy photos are in a director on Drive C:


1.  Is there a way to point Gramps to read the C: directory where the
photo are so they will be displayed in Gramps?

If your ubuntu install was successfull it recognized the windows drive and has placed the directory structure of windows under

Then the layout is the same as under windows.
There are no drive letters in unix systems only places where you mount the dir structure of a partition in the logical file structure unix uses (all placed starting from /). This is much better, drives are really the worst thing still left over from the DOS days of yore.

2.  If so, how is this done?

If above did not work out of the box, you will have to google for 'mount windows drive' or go to ubuntu forum and ask question or log into irc chat and talk to the #ubuntu channel

3.  If this is not possible, what is the correct way to get the photos
into the Gramps program so they can be displayed?

It is best to manage pictures in one place, so if you will only use genealogy in ubuntu, then copy your pictures to the linux drive. Tools like F-spot, digikam, gimp, scribus, ... are really great to work with your pictures.
However, you can also just install gramps under windows (there is a windows installer on our website). I like linux better, but it depends on your requirements what you like most. Gimp also works under windows by the way, and I think scribus too.


I appreciate your time and any help you can give this newbie.

Thank you!!!

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