2008/12/9 Theo Tulley <tj.tulley@physics.org>
St├ęphane Charette wrote:
>> gramps-3.0.4-1_Ubuntu804.deb but I have failed to install either - these
>> later versions are not in the Mint repository so I open with Archive
>> Manager but don't see what to do next.
> Archive Manager is not the right tool to install .deb files.
> I'm assuming the downloaded .deb file is somewhere on your desktop?
> If you right-mouse-click on the .deb file, what options are you given?
> For example, on my Ubuntu desktop, right-mouse-clicking on the .deb
> gives me the option "Open With GDebi Package Installer".
> St├ęphane
Thanks  - it was in my own Downloads folder in a special partition but
the same option was offered and it was duly installed, as now shown in

Now I have added 2 new children (twins) to one of my grandsons - I added
an event - birth - to each. After editing both to get them the same, and
sharing, I had 3 events with identical details (including ID) in one,
two in the other. How did that happen? I have removed the superfluous

I think you stumbled on a bug. If you can repeat it, let us know how. There was a bug fixed with clipboard drag and drop that could cause such a think, but you are using the latest version, so that cannot be it.

Should you experiment, take a backup by export to .gramps first.