2008/11/26 guylinton <guy.linton@gmail.com>

Benny Malengier wrote:
> Obviously GRAMPS puts the curor in an editor in the most likely place you
> will begin entering information. Enter is grabbed there.
> The dataviews are the list views, not the editors. I don't think we set
> default response there, but on many editor you want to fast key to a
> button,
> then enter on that (to open eg date editor or father selection), so I
> don't
> think we can grab enter with a default response and do that.
> Hence, Alt+O it is, and ESCAPE or ALT+C to just leave without storing
> information. The ALT keys are locale aware.
> Benny

Now that I understand the behaviour, I am happy that the Mac OS X port acts
just as well as the Linux builds which was my initial question.

I now understand that tab changes the highlight and 'enter' actions that

I can also articulate my expectations. I expected that:
- if a button is highlighted, enter will action that button,
- if a list item is highlighted, enter will open the editor for that button,
- in a multi-line text field enter behaves the same as newline,
- otherwise enter actions 'OK'.

As a specific example of behaviour similar to this, I would cite the
behaviour of the dialogue boxes (paragraph, font etc.) in MS Word.

Although this is only a minor issue, I think it has some significance in
terms of efficiency of data entry, because I regard keyboard shortcuts as a
great time saver. For instance, I am using attributes of event references
quite a lot (I don't enter sources at this particular point) which would be
quicker with the shortcut. (In this context, the fact that 'Escape' seems to
work everywhere for cancel is very good).

Is my expectation reasonable enough for a (low priority) feature request?
(Or is the behaviour of selecting fields not sufficiently under your direct
control to make it difficult to implement different behaviours as your tab
through the fields?)

I don't understand what you want to achieve here :-)
So please, do a feature request and be very clear on what you believe should happen on the view to quickly enter attributes.
We have done several changes in the past to accommodate people who dislike the mouse, most people using GRAMPS a lot will thank you for these kind of improvements.


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