2008/11/3 Steven Birnam <stevenbirnam@gmail.com>
I have created three separate GRAMPS databases, for which I build three separate reports.
I have created a folder in which I place custom intro pages for each page (two of the reports have multiple intro pages, so I had to make sure the menu items and links were correctly written). The reason behind the separate folder was so that I would not have to upload theses pages each time I updated the reports (prior to this, I used the custom selection in the report generation to refer to the intro page, and later, as I introduced multiple intro pages, I manually uploaded the pages to the site,

Now that I have alleviated the issue of overwriting index pages, I want to address duplicate people across the three databases. Example: I am in my Steven Family database, and my wife is in the Linda family database - rather than duplicate each of our names and data in both GRAMPS databases, I want to link our names across the databases, so that when I access Steven, and look at the marriage record, I can automatically, via a link, access Linda's page in her family database.

I know I can do this by creating links manually in the pages, so that by clicking on the displayed name, I can go directly to the individual's page in the other database. But the manual programming presents several management issues - so, there must be an easier way.

Any suggestions? Has anyone built report sites with external links to a second GRAMPS report?

My idea would be to do some coding based on these issues as solved in GEDCOM. GEDCOM uses _UID in some programs to link people. (see eg www.familysearchdevnet.org/downloads/gedcom/FS-TT1001.doc or google for it)

So, I guess I would:

1/make the person handle visible on the attribute list via a tool 'Create Gramps UID'. This tool would add to each person the attribute with key (UID, family tree name) and value: handle

Note that handle is the filename on the website, and the basis of the directory structure

2/Add UID attributes on the persons you want to cross link. This can be automated with another tool where the user must give another family tree, and GRAMPS compares eg names, giving a list of UID attributes that can be added based on equal names

3/last step is making the web page creator aware of this. It would suffice to enter the root web page for each  family tree you crosslink with (second part of the UID key), and based on the person UID attributes the cross links can be created automatically.

Some work, but not very difficult.


Steven Birnam

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