Dear Robert,

you have bought a nice netbook. Unfortunately, linux land consists of many different flavours, and the one installed on the Eee is not much liked by many people.
You will gain a lot by installing ubuntu on it, and the guide to do it is very good:

This gives you security updates and a very well maintained distribution which much more momentum than Xandros has. You only need a 1Gb usb stick:

Once you have Ubuntu, you go to the 'Add Software' program, and select GRAMPS and install it. You can leave it with that, or upgrade.
For that, you download the Ubuntu version of the last GRAMPS ( ) and right click on it, selecting install, to obtain this version.

WIth backup, people just mean you save your data to a usb stick, another computer, or on a cd/dvd.
The commands you see in the guides look difficult, but they are the fastest way of communicating . Saying, open program such, go to menu such, select option such, is a lot more work to type, and leads to problems more easy (translations, different versions of programm). Just giving a command to give to your computer is much faster, and with copy and paste, the user cannot type an error.
The commands issued to your linux computer directly (so without the use of an intermediate layer in the form of another program) are done through a terminal window or command shell. In Ubuntu the program is called 'Terminal', in a KDE desktop, the application is called 'Konsole'.


PS: you do off course understand that whatever you do, you hold all responsibility ;-)

2008/10/31 <>
Greetings:  I have an Eee PC 8G model running Xandros Linux. I would rather
not switch to Ubuntu because I have heard of some people having problems
with various things after doing so. I simply would like to load Gramps onto
the Eee, and run it.
 But I know nothing of computers except emailing and surfing the net. I see
instructions for running Gramps on the Eee, but they look like instructions
that a computer whiz would understand.. Like the below instructions, they
read like another language to me.
backup simpliui.rc... what is that? How do I back it up?    SublimePorte's
Launcher Tools ??  Install to where? And what is it?
   run it - sh path to file/     It's Greek to me...
  chose 4 to enable extra software repositories and create a preferences
file reducing the liklihood of updating files from the wrong repository.

Then, in a terminal window, sudo apt-get install gramps

  What is a terminal window, and where can I find one? What is sudo
apt-get??  To me it is an strange language.

   I'm sorry I do not understand what all that is about or what to do.

  All I need is to download Gramps to my Eee, and use the program. I'm
really not a computer whiz.Perhaps download it to my windows desktop and
load it on a thumb flash drive for my Xandros Linux Eee?
  I would like to keep Xandros on my Eee if possible.
 Should I take it to a computer shop and get someone to download and
install Gramps for me?

  To anyone that might be able to help, my very sincerest thanks, and my
apologies for being such a beginner at all this.

  Very best regards,  Robert Charles Williamson

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