2008/10/30 Doug <doug_bainbridge@onetel.com>
The bug has been acknowledged and resolved by Peter L (developer). If I understand it, the renaming and rcs errors were related.

Note 0007380:

"Fixed by changing the test do distinguish between revision and database rename.
Branch rev 11214
Trunk rev 11215"

However, I'm not quite clear what this means - is the fix only available in future releases, 3.0.3-x, or would there be a patch applicable to 3.0.2-1?

The fix will be in 3.0.4 when released. This can still take a while, although this is the second more important fix.
If you want the fix now, you can use branch30 from subversion (info on our wiki, but you need to be a technical person to do it), or do the fix manually yourself (again, some daring needed). The patch is very simple:

--- src/DbManager.py    (revision 11214)
+++ src/DbManager.py    (working copy)
@@ -631,7 +631,8 @@
             node = self.model.get_iter(path)
             old_text = self.model.get_value(node, NAME_COL)
             if not old_text.strip() == new_text.strip():
 -                if len(path) > 1 :
+                if ":" in path :
                     self.__rename_revision(path, new_text)
                     self.__rename_database(path, new_text)

The - is deleted line, and the + added line. You find the file DbManager.py on your computer (eg with the locate command).
For the normal user, it is best to do just wait for version 3.0.4 to be released.