I have seen this bug on large number of family trees. Please post an issue on the bug tracker.

I do not think you need to quit gramps, just load the tree, then hit the family tree icon again, and now the file is present and you can rename the file.

It would appear you cannot rename here  because you have some revisions on the file too? Is that the case? I have no experience with revisions myself (the error is in rcs).

I do believe you can edit the file 
and put the new name you want there.
In your case it would appear GRAMPS thinks name.txt is a directory however...  Is that the case?

In any case, this discussion is best held on the bug tracker, so post an item there, see


2008/10/28 Doug <doug_bainbridge@onetel.com>
I have a list of  22 Family Trees (saved packages, archives, etc.) and
want to create another one in order to import a saved package.

When I click New in Family Tree Manager no new Family Tree appears. I
have to shut down Gramps and re-open it. Then the new Family Tree
appears in the list with the name "Family Tree 1"( or 2, etc.). When I
attempt to rename this to something more informative, I get a message
"Rename failed
An attempt to rename a package with the following message:
rcs: /home/dougb/.gramps/grampsdb/490746ab/name.txt/rev.gramps,v: Not a

What's wrong?


Gramps 3.0.2-1; Mandriva 2008.1;  linux


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