2008/9/21 guylinton <guy.linton@gmail.com>

As I understand it, sourcerefs can be shared, so in the case of:

No, this is not true. It would be very impractical from a data storage view to be able to share and the source, and the source reference. Then one would need a source reference reference :-)

The source reference is the connection between a source and one specific object, holding the information unique to this relation.

There have been ideas to divide sources in levels, so you can group sources and then link to the correct level with a source reference, doing away with the need in many cases to still hold things as date or page on the level of the reference (as the source would be only that date/page). Perhaps before 2013 somebody will have the time to implement this (it would mean a link between sources in a tree like way). Obviously, it would mean further divergence of GEDCOM which should not be done lightly....

> finding multiple instances. Say you have many refs to "Achive X vol.3,
> p.9". You want to change these to "Archive Y, vol.2". How do you find
> the references as a group?

If there is only one sourceref to that particular page and the sourceref is
shared, then you only need to find one to change the details.

so nope

I use drag and drop to copy sourcerefs from one place to another, and this
seems to work well.

it creates identical copies, it does not share the reference. All references are unique, using drag and drop duplicates them. Drag and drop on objects created references to those objects.