2008/6/30 David and Janet <djrpublic@cfl.rr.com>:
> Dave, is this not like the pedigree gramplet


> in GRAMPS 3.0.1?

Yes very similar.  I'm just now beginning to appreciate Gramplets!  And, as you suggest, with some editing it comes close to what I want.

This gramplet code is easy to change. If you add to your feature request the changes you would like to see to the gramplet, it has more chance of being (quickly) implemented as opposed to a new report.

PS: should anyone feel daring and want to try, have a look in the file plugins/DefaultGramplets.py in your Gramps installation , and go to class PedigreeGramplet(Gramplet): in the code. Under it the method process_person writes the line. To have the date appear after a person one would replace 'self.append_text("\n")' with the method to obtain the birth/death date corresponding to the person

Specifically what I "need" is having the 5 generations tree on a single standard sized piece of paper including birth and death dates.  It would be nice to have a limited choice of number of generations and the ahnentafel-like numbering.  One of these sheets in the front of each paper file folder gives an overview of where that family/person stands in the overall scheme of things.  I also have 3 of them (generated by Ancestral Quest 11) hanging on the wall to remind me of names and the folder color schemes for my ancestors, my wifes ancestors and my son-in-laws family.  My daughter got me into this years ago then ran off leaving me holding the bag!

> If you add that gramplet, you can copy paste it to an editor and print.
> Benny