2008/5/23 Guilhem Bonnefille <guilhem.bonnefille@gmail.com>:

I'm quite a new user to Gramps: I use it since few years, but in a
really "amateur" way. My main usage is to collect data for "Cousinade"
(family reunion). Actually, I have around 500 persons on my database.
Due to this objective, I only run gramps once a year, in order to
refresh database and print reports.

I'm actually refreshing the data and planning to set a website with
these data (static pages or PhpGedView).

So, I'm discovering the gramps 3.0.1 (Debian testing). In order to
produce static web pages, I'm looking at NarrativeWeb plugins. It
works pretty well, except two points:
- all media of an event are displayed in each referencing people's page,
- "reference region" is not used to produce thumbnails.

Concerning the second point, I will write a mail to -devel list.

yes, nobody implemented subregions. I don't know if it is possible with html.... If not, one has to create a new pic for every place where region is used, and that would be slow and mean much more data.

Concerning the first point, my matter is that I created one Event per
"Cousinade". On this event, I store place and date, and I reference
related media. These media are family photos, but also individual
photo (cousinade are a great event to take some picture from other
member of the family). Then, on each people present, I add this event
as an event. The matter occurs when I run NarrativeWeb. The generated
web site repeat every photo to every people. Reading the source code
of NarrativeWeb, this is a feature: the galery part of a people
contains any media of any event referenced.

Can you give me tips?
For example, is it correct to use an Event for a Cousinade?
Is it correct to add such event to every people present? Or should I
only reference media?

I think it is correct to it this way, so the webreport goes with the "wrong" assumption of only little pictures that are reused with events, which in your case obviously is not correct.

I can't see an easy way to fix this, only some complicated logic that will fail in border issues comes up in my head. Easiest would be to add to narrative web report on adding pictures the logic:

  if event.type == Cousinade then 'don't add pictures to gallery of the person'

That would be an easy fix to your problem.


Thanks in advance.
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