Great work Alex! Now I really should plan that software talk at the local genealogy group.

I'm without a pc at home at the moment (due to moving, it will take some time to get all installed again), so can't test.


2008/5/26 Alex Roitman <>:
Hello everybody,

I am done with the release candidate for the Linux Genealogy CD 4.0.
It is based on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) and GRAMPS 3.0.1.

The files are here:
The large one is the CD image, the small is the md5sum.
Please feel free to grab the iso, test it, and report
any problems. If you suspect that the iso got corrupted
in transit, use "md5sum -c lgenealogy-4.0.RC-desktop-i386.iso.md5sum"
to verify the integrity.

This is my personal site, so I will remove the files after
this testing is done.

Thanks for any feedback,

P.S. I found VirtualBox to be of an immense use. You may want
to use it for testing both the Live CD and the installation.

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