Jim, a question for you below ;-)

2008/5/25 Doug Laidlaw <laidlaws@hotkey.net.au>:
I am coming over to Gramps after too many fights with Windows programs.  I am
not against Windows as such, but nothing except Gramps seems not to make my
father the root person and reshuffle everybody else.  I am not a Mormon or a
professional genealogist, just a hobbyist.  I found the procedures not
intuitive, but easy to learn.

Two quick questions:

(a)  I am using the Mandriva package under KDE.  What is the spelling checker
that is referred to as not enabled, on starting up in a terminal?

(b) Setting deceased people as deceased.  I used Y on the DEAT tag.  Gramps
has moved them all to the DEAT/PLAC tag, so I can't delete the place "Y".  Is
it done differently under Gramps?  Or do I leave it like that?

In GRAMPS, deceased is indicated by adding a death event. If you do not know the date, just don't give a date. Like this, you can add a source to the death event, or a note explaining how you know somebody is death. I have broken my head on this before, and now can't remember the conclusion. It must mean I can't think of a good reason for this thing in GEDCOM.

I'm not much into GEDCOM, but I believe the Y on DEAT event is not implemented in GRAMPS, Jim worked on this, and changed some stuff, he should be able to explain better.