2008/5/15 Rob Healey <robhealey1@gmail.com>:


Once again, I need to know how everyone feels about the two Notes Tabs in WebCal.py? Are they necessary or not? This not really a appointment calendar or an interactive updating calendar? I would like to remove them, but once again not purely my choice on this one....

Also now that WebCal is css based and the style editor is gone, should I also do with this one as I have asked about NarrativeWeb? Link all the stylesheets into every page and let a javascript css switcher change them for the user, or give the user one choice for primary, one for alternate, and one for printer? The javascript element work need to remain as MSIE does not do css switching with the view, page style options as in Mozilla, Firefox, Konqueror, and Opera! Konqueror is by far the best at this one...

No, I wouldn't do that. This is the only calendar report in GRAMPS, no? I have the impression most people print out the calendar as gifts on eg newyear, so extra text specific for website viewing (eg css switcher) is an annoyance in that case.
My guess is that much of the other strange design things (like the style editor) are a consequence of this main use case (use the printed version). So, if there is a css switcher, there should be a way to do away with it, if the user wants to create a gift instead of a calendar in a website.

Or there could be simply one option for primary, and one for printer with no css switching being available. That could also go for NarrativeWeb as well....

In looking throughout the code of WebCal and without the styleEditor now, there is no use for the background and repeat options in the misc options tab, so I would like to remove it. Since that would leave only two options left on that tab, I would like to move them into a different tab and remove the "misc

I did not use WebCal myself, but again, if those options make sense to print the calendar and give as a gift, they are not bad. People want some customization, and editing a css file with a text editor is not a skill aunt Martha has. She is able to set a background in a dialog though. 

Perhaps split the css in two parts, where some user configurable options remain on the dialog and go to the css that is written out in the plugin. Make sure also the print version is very similar to what is seen on screen.

options" tab?

Is it necessary for me to ask for everything I would like to do even th littl stuff or is it ok to a point to just do them?

It takes some time with the project to build up some history of how things came about and changed. This is important to recognize use cases. So I would say, do ask about some things, but no need to be so verbose. Almost nobody on this list reads GRAMPS mails longer than two paragraphs. Also, try to put your question already in the subject. Many devels only scan the subject lines, and read only if something appears to be within the part they normally code.


Sincerely Yours,

Rob G. Healey


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