Just some other resources:


and usefull for navigating such a graph with a web browser:


About the settings, when I made this, it was a lot of try and error (setting page numbers horizontal vertical to get good resolution). Did not try the 3.0.0 version yet.

Consider updating above wiki pages so they fit version 3.0.0


2008/5/6 Ian Key <ian_key@yahoo.com>:

The only thing I have found for this is under Reports->Graphs->Relationship Graph...

However, when I convert the DOT file to a JPG using "dot -Tjpg -orel_graph.jpg rel_graph.dot" the boxes are way too small and the text extends beyond them. Settings used :
A2 Landscape, include BMD, limit to years only
use entire database
color fill, descendent<-ancescendent, inc non-birth with dotted lines, show family nodes
font=default, 10pt, left to right, nos horiz & vert pages=1
fill given area, dpi=75, node & rank space=0.3

I have tried using a smaller subset, the box sizes are better, but still the text overlaps. Is there a way to ensure the boxes are always the same size as the text? Or is this a Graphviz issue?

GRAMPS 3.0.0-1
Ubuntu 7.10

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I've been reading through the GRAMPS wiki for several hours now, and I can't figure out how to do what I want to do, which is to create a full-sized family tree, poster-sized, suitable for hanging on the wall for quick reference. I don't want to start with an Active Person, just create a comprehensive wall chart to show all ancestors and all descendants. The closest thing I've found is a reference to "Ancestor Wall Chart" in graphical reports , but it appears to be deprecated:


Is there a way to do what I want to do from GRAMPS 3.0?  If not, can someone recommend a Linux option to do what I want to do? I've found a few Windows and Mac solutions, but since I only have Linux, these won't work for me. I've also tried running MyFamilyTree under WINE (it failed to install), and Legacy under WINE (did not do what I wanted). I've Googled my fingers to the bone and had no luck.

Can someone help me out please?

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