This is fixed in version 2.2.10 and new 3.0.0.
I would suggest you backup your data as .gramps xml files, then uninstall, and reinstall.

As you run BSD, it would be nice if you update so other users know how to install GRAMPS on FreeBSD, especially for the new 3.0.0 release (which has many new features)


2008/5/1 <>:
User Information:

Not sure it qualifies as a bug, probably more a configuration issue on my end, but it would be nice to know just what it's looking for that's not working correctly.

Had just opened the program for the first time and tried to create a new data file.

Error Details:

15975: ERROR: line 148: Unhandled exception
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/usr/local/share/gramps/", line 900, in new_activate
   (filename,filetype) = self.db_loader.new_file()
 File "/usr/local/share/gramps/", line 179, in new_file
 File "/usr/local/share/gramps/", line 465, in read_file
   _("Could not open file: %s") % filename, msg )
 File "/usr/local/share/gramps/", line 174, in __init__
TypeError: GtkMessageDialog.format_secondary_markup() argument 1 must be string or None, not exceptions.AttributeError

System Information:

Python version: 2.5.2 (r252:60911, May  1 2008, 04:32:24) [GCC 4.2.1 20070719  [FreeBSD]]
BSDDB version:
Gramps version: 2.2.8-0.SVNexported
Distribution: 7.0-STABLE

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