2008/4/30 Adrian <gramps.lists.sourceforge.net@just-contact.me.uk>:
Thanks Benny for the reply, and I will become a proper svn tester when I
can get my head round the best way to install it in future, probably on
a machine that I will just copy the db and import.

I uninstalled via add/remove in Ubuntu, would it have been better to
then delete the whole directory and then reinstall? I am not sure if
there would be any more to do. Although I have a copy of my db, would it
keep that file?

Uninstall via package manager is ok, it does what is needed.

The simple explanation is as follows: when installing 3.0.0 one must make sure 2.2.x is gone, so one can do:

1/if 2.2.x is installed via package manager, install 3.0.0 via package manager or uninstall 2.2.x via package manager and install 3.0.0 via source.

2/if 2.2.x is installed via source, one must uninstall it via source (make uninstall), or if that not possible, delete the folder. Then install 3.0.0

The complicated howto would be on how one can make them life side by side, but it is too difficult to explain that via mail ;-)


Perhaps we need to add this need to completely uninstall to the wiki
when going from 2.x to 3.x, I am happy to do that if I know the full
procedure needed. Despuite the bug I am really happy with 3.0.0, it is
sooooo cooool! :D


On Wed, 2008-04-30 at 09:07 +0200, Benny Malengier wrote:
> 2008/4/29 Adrian <gramps.lists.sourceforge.net@just-contact.me.uk>:
>         Thanks Gary,
>         I just thought it was such a blatant bug that it is more
>         likely to be
>         just my own machine. I have found the bug is replicable all
>         the time and
>         I am at least aware of it, I will now go look on my laptop to
>         see if it
>         is the same there.
>         I find it hard to think it slipped through the net.
> You shouldn't. Testing is hard, and we have few people doing it before
> a release.
>         If nothing is found elsewhere, I will reinstall and see if
>         that helps.
> That would be unlikely. All problems should have a cause, it's
> important to find that cause. You did properly uninstall 2.2.10? My
> impression is not uninstalling the old version is causing the most
> difficult problems to troubleshoot.
> Benny
>         Thanks as always,
>         Adrian
>          On Tue, 2008-04-29 at 14:57 +0000, Gary Burton wrote:
>         > >I am not sure if it is something I do or a bug in the
>         system. It is the
>         > >sort of glitch I normally put down to myself and I have no
>         solid way of
>         > >replicating it yet, but if I do I will file it.
>         >
>         > It's a good move to file a bug when you can consistently
>         reproduce the problem using the example data that comes with
>         gramps. Also clearly list the steps you take to reproduce the
>         bug. As a general rule, developers are more likely to spend
>         their limited time working on a bug that they can quickly
>         reproduce themselves. We get quite a few bug reports that are
>         virtually impossible to reproduce because of some peculiarity
>         of the reporter's system or data.
>         >
>         > Bye
>         >
>         > Gary
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