2008/4/29 Stefan Siegel <gpl@sdas.de>:
Hello Gramps Team,

I discovered your software about a week ago and successfully managed to
migrate from my previous Lifelines installation. Unfortunately
rel_de.py seemed to be not yet updated to Gramps 3.0, so I decided to
do it by myself.

Attached you find my completely rewritten version which works for me,
but which should be double checked because I had some difficulties
regarding "half-", "step-" and "in-law" relationships. I am not sure if
this was the result of a slightly flawed logic in Gramps, differences
between the original terminology and the German terminology or simply
lack of understanding on my side.

half relationship has a blood link, step relation does not have a blood link but is due to marriage.
In-law is how you indicate a relation with a family member of your partner.

If you like my solution, feel free to include it in Gramps.
Thank you for creating Gramps, it is so much easier to use and more
powerful than Lifelines.

Could you also open a bug ticket on our bug tracker and attach this file? Bug tracker is on http://bugs.gramps-project.org/view.php?id=2126

You can assign the bug to me (user bmcage) , I wrote the new relationship calculator, but at the moment I have little time to code. By assigning it to me, I'll get round to checking this (if german users don't do it before me), and commit it.
One thing you should do is change in the file at the top:

# Copyright (C) 2003-2005  Donald N. Allingham


# Copyright (C) 2003-2005  Donald N. Allingham
# Copyright (C) 2008 Stefan Siegel

;-) (copyright is never removed, but added to)


Stefan Siegel

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