2008/4/29 Brian Blandford <brian@beb.me.uk>:
My version is 2.3.9-1, and it runs on PCLinuxOS. It was installed and is kept up to date via the PCLos repository.

This is  an error in PCLos. You should mail them that

1. Their spec file is wrong, this is version 2.2.9, there is no 2.3
2. 2.2.9 is not a good version, they should use 2.2.8 or 2.2.10. Whoever produces packages for them should subscribe to the gramps-announce mailing list so as to be in the knows

data.gramps  says it was modified 25/04/2008, whilst data.backup.gramps says it was modified 07/04/2008.

The backup is made on exit of the database, but a crash can prevent it from running. As you opened the data.gramps, it will have been modified.
If you added data between 7/4 and 25/4, that will not be in the backup.

Advise: copy the backup.gramps file now for safety to a save place

Does any of this alter your advice? Why is the backup data file not the same date as the main data file? And what is a CRC check?

no, this changes nothing. If with crc you check and repair tool in the tools menu, it corrects errors in the data that can crash gramps, like people who are father of a person, but that person not having a link to the father. These errors are introduced by importing eg bad GEDCOM files.



Benny Malengier wrote:
What version are you using?
Version 2.2.9 contains a bug that can destroy your data when directly editing .gramps files.
For this 2.2.10 was released.
You should anyway try to import the data in an empty database, opening .gramps files means that if things go wrong, you can loose all the data.
Normally, GRAMPS 2.2.x saved a .backup.gramps file in the same dir as the original data, so you should be able to import that if your original file is destroyed.


2008/4/25 Brian Blandford <brian@beb.me.uk>:
Gramps crashed unexpectedly while I was working on it, and the message
said the data was safe, but I should restart immediately. This I did,
and although Gramps loads, I get the message
"Error reading /home/brian/Documents/Linux/Gramps/data.gramps
CRC check failed"

What should I do to get Gramps functioning correctly again?


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