2008/3/27, Duncan Lithgow <dlithgow@gmail.com>:
Here's something I just picked from the users list:

>>The program opens but when entering the person's information, the entry
>>lines for birth date and death date are not shown in the edit dialogue.  I'm
>>only able to enter name, title, suffix, gender, id, prefix, call name, type
>>& marker.

>In Gramps, you enter birth and death information as events. You can
have as many of these >events as you like because you might have
conflicting information that describes when >someone was born or died.

Now I love software that teaches me how to use it as I go, and teaches
me more the deeper I go. At the moment GRAMPS is more an app that
needs to be explored and doesn't guide much. So...

Would it be useful if the white background of the various tabs had a
text saying what the tab is about? That would of course vanish once
the first item is added.

For the example above that question would be unneeded if the
background to the event tab had the (low contrast) text:

"Add events here with the buttons to the right"

What do people think? Worth an RFE?

Sure, why not. It is like the place field in event. Not sure it can be done easily though .....



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