2008/3/24, Zsolt Foldvari <zsolt.foldvari@gmail.com>:
As Brian has already mentioned the new way of storing formatted notes
(and maybe other texts) is saving the clear text and the list of
formatting tags separately.

There's gonna be a new object, which has the above two as its
attributes, moreover provides character based formatting interface and
some of the known string methods (join, split, etc.).

At the moment we are looking for a fancy name for this object. Since
it's gonna have string methods I'm leaning towards "<something>String".

GrampsString is too banal. MarkupString doesn't stand anymore since
there won't be markup tags inside the string. FormattedString sounds
completely unimaginative. And nobody ever will be able to pronounce
TaggedString properly...


or is that too Microsoft like?