2008/3/6, Benny Malengier <benny.malengier@gmail.com>:

2008/3/6, David and Janet <djrpublic@cfl.rr.com>:
Suppose that an XML format data base was exported to the USB stick would
Gramps be happy with using that same DB on both machines?  That is
without all the complication of the formal grdb file system?

Yes, however, a crash during saving on an xml file might mean your entire file is corrupted. That is one of the reasons direct XML edit will no longer be possible in 3.0. Use it to it's full benifit in 2.2.x though, as long as you keep multiple copies.
Note further that as long as the entire xml file goes into RAM memory, editing should be fairly fast, some users prefer it even and claim it's faster (which I defenitely don't see on my box, I would say it's a lot slower).  None of the developers (I think) uses GRAMPS directly on XML files.

Note that the above saving only happens on close of gramps (or loading another database), as GRAMPS has no save button (as .grdb editing is the default and does not need a save). So if you edit an xml file directly with much edits, exit regularly (or switch database) as otherwise a crash or other problem (laptop battery out eg) can cause you to loose all edits of that session. I know, this looks stupid, another reason to only have one way of doing things in 3.0