what do you think of a menu entry in help menu with:
'Obtain extra plugins'

Clicking the link would direct people to the a new unsupported plugin page for 3.0.x on the wiki

I think many people only discover of extra tools after asking the mailing list, so many will never know it.


2008/2/29, Benny Malengier <>:
2008/2/29, Serge Noiraud <>:

        I'm trying to add GeoView in the Gramplets view.
For the moment, I can't. My problems :

1 - It seems we can only have text in a gramplet. is it true ?

yes. I meant to augment the geoview with gramplets that can drive what is seen in the view

2 - Is it possible to add a toolbar and for example a notebook
    or something like that in a gramplet ?

this is code, everything is possible ;-D

3 - I need to add maps selection for this. Can we add buttons
    like gvcloseimage, gvstateimage if I can't add a toolbar?

I would not make geoview a gramplet.

Let's start with a patch to be able to have geoview a real pluggable view.
Looking at your patch I think you should do the following:

1/don't add viewmanager as an attribute to displaystate, just pass the one method displaystate needs, so add_page. I really don't like this circular references while only one method is needed.
This will enable pluggable views by a report option.

2/the user should be able to drop the geoview tool, and the javascript in the plugins dir, so you should make the code that the javascript is not needed in /src, but instead is found in ~/.gramps/plugins or ...../src/plugins, that is, where the tool is

Commit the above code. Create an entry for geoview on the unsupported third party plugins section: with link to where to download the tool and the js file

That will enable everybody to easily test out geoview in 3.0.0, which will give us important feedback

What I meant with a gramplet in my earlier mail was that you could write a gramplet, and allow a gramplet to dock to the geoview. The gramplet could have textual links:
-show ancestors
-show descendants

clicking the links would update the geoview. You could implement this obviously without gramplets, I just mentioned that as the infrastructure is mainly in place.


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