A call for testing of the following:

1/relative media objects paths in Windows. I merged two code paths which worked differently to the one I think is correct. I have no Windows though to test.

2/export to and import from all format in 3.0, especially when relative media object paths are involved. I will continue testing myself on this the next days. Submit bug issues for problems. I eg cannot test the writecd export.

The above testing is needed to have a release candidate that is even more a candite that it otherwise would have been.


2008/2/28, Brian Matherly <brian@gramps-project.org>:
The next release will not be a beta. It will be a
release candidate. As soon as the last bugs are
cleared on the roadmap, we will create a maintenance
branch for the 7.0 series (from which 7.0.0 will
come). We are getting very close.