2008/2/28, dsblank <dblank@cs.brynmawr.edu>:

I hacked up a quick draft of a compressed Pedigree Gramplet. Nice little
exercise! It's a one-pass sweep through the data, and the recursion was an
interesting challenge. It is a close approximation to the mentioned reports
and webpage, but can use some polish. Anyone know if there is a way to use
graphics characters on a gtk.TextBuffer?

To see it, get the latest svn, right-click on the Gramplet view, and add the
Pedigree Gramplet.

I did some minor changes, no word-wrap, more white-space, and indication if somthing belongs to person under or above in those cases it is hard to make out.

Hope you like the changes...

As to Adrian, you can copy this from the Gramplet, and paste in a html or text file, which I think is really cool :-) As an example from our example.gramps file:

                                             /-Garner, Joseph
                                  |    |--Garner, Robert W.
                                  |          \-Edwards, Lucy
                             |    |--Garner, Lewis Anderson
                             |    |          /-Шестаков, George
                             |    |    |--Zieliński, Phoebe Emily
                             |               \-Daniels, Phoebe
                        |    |--Garner, Eugene Stanley
                        |    |          /-Martel, Henry
                        |    |    |--Martel, Luella Jacques
                        |               \-Hébert, Ruth Ann
                   |    |--Garner, Eugene Stanley, Jr.
                   |    |               /-Reed, John
                   |    |    |    |--Reed, Francis Vincent
                   |    |    |          \-Goodwin, Sarah
                   |    |    |--Reed, Frances Lucille (Babe)
                   |         |               /-Тихонов, Miles?
                   |         |    |    |--Тихонов, Moses
                   |         |    |          \-Smith, Anastasia?
                   |         |    |--Тихонов, Catherine Virginia
                   |              |          /-Howell, John
                   |              |    |--Holt, Bridget
                   |                         \-Yates, Sarah
              |    |--Garner, Richard Eugene
              |    |          /-Pelletier, Esiquio
              |    |    |--Pelletier, Josephine
              |               \-Leclerc, Sesaria
         |    |--Garner, Jason Richard
         |          \-Gibbs, Elaine
     --Garner, Victoria Laine
               \-Harper, ??