I think both the errors you have send are fixed in version 2.2.10, you find an ubuntu package on our website under installation.


2008/2/27, Durward T Stockman <durward@crosswind.net>:
"User Information:

I was trying to restart Gramps after a failure of said program.

Error Details:

33170: ERROR: gramps.py: line 174: Gramps failed to start.

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/usr/share/gramps/gramps.py", line 172, in run
  File "/usr/share/gramps/gramps_main.py", line 233, in __init__
  File "/usr/share/gramps/ArgHandler.py", line 440, in handle_args
  File "/usr/share/gramps/ViewManager.py", line 904, in read_recent_file
    if self.db_loader.read_file(filename,filetype):
  File "/usr/share/gramps/DbLoader.py", line 464, in read_file
  File "/usr/share/gramps/QuestionDialog.py", line 174, in __init__
TypeError: GtkMessageDialog.format_secondary_markup() argument 1 must be string or None, not instance

System Information:

Python version: 2.4.3 (#2, Oct  6 2006, 07:52:30) [GCC 4.0.3 (Ubuntu 4.0.3-1ubuntu5)]
BSDDB version:
Gramps version: 2.2.8-0.SVNexported
OS: Linux
Distribution: 2.6.15-51-k7

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