let's try to work this out.
Bob, you keep referring to the 'book' report, but that is not a report but a self made collection of reports. Please, use the detailed terms so we understand what the other is talking about.

You have given an example in http://bugs.gramps-project.org/view.php?id=1672
So, I guess you speak most of the detailed descendant report (use the names as they appear in the report menu of GRAMPS).

As Brian replied to that feature request, in 3.0 endnotes contain page too. He asked for feedback if other fields should be mentioned. Please reply to that request. Looking at your FTM example, I suppose you would like to see notes in the source reference (not in the source itself) printed out too?

Then, I would like you to produce a small example database (some people and descendants, some sources in the places relevant), export it to .gramps and attach it to that feature request. Then create a detailed descendant report with it, and attach it to the feature request. Then edit that document, changing it as you think it should appear, based on the data in the .gramps file.
Clearly indicate the changes you did, and motivate why it should be done like that. None of the developers have FTM or Legacy, so referring to how they do it is no good.

We can then do code changes, and indicate how the detailed descendant report would change. Only if you or somebody else does the above effort will a developer take the effort of trying to improve the report. Developers like to work with clear goals, and clear feature sets, so as to optimally use that couple of hours they have time in a week to program.