2008/1/30, sgtbob <rrunion@cox.net>:

Jerome - I added some information as an event and sure enough, your
suggestion now shows it as an endnote in a book as well as a report.  Now my
problem is that in order to get my GRAMPS records straightened out, I would
have to connect about 300-400 sources to 16,323 individuals I have in file.
That is too much to try - guess I'll have to return to FTM and its
limitations.  Too bad for me!!

How would one report this feature to the developers?

You can file features on the bug tracker:  http://bugs.gramps-project.org
Add a small sample  .gramps file (you can otherwise use the example.gramps distributed with gramps), add the report you get with that file in eg odt format (mentioning all selected options), and add how you think the report should look like by editing the file manually.

I would think it logical that sources to people are shown in the detailed reports and not only sources of events of the person. Note that this report might have changed in the upcoming version 3.0, if you don't know how to run this development version, I'm sure somebody can attach to the feature request you make how the report will look like in 3.0