2008/1/28, Duncan Lithgow <dlithgow@gmail.com>:
Try this:

1. Select yourself in Gramps
2. Export your database using the GEDCOM format and the filter
'Ancestors of [you]'
3. Create a new database and call it something like 'My-Ancestry'
4. Import the Gedcom file into this new database
5. Delete or mark as private anyone you don't want to show
6. Now try the 'Narrative Website Report'

It will only have people from the database you exported, minus the
people you removed. Of course if you want your wife's ancestry in the
same part of the website you could start by selecting one of your
children (or a temporary imaginary child if you have no children).

This will not have all brothers/sisters, spouses of those.

I think the best is to create a new filter for that like ancestors, but crawling to include uncles, ...
Or mark all people living private in your database (that does not bother you while working), then export only the non-private part for the website.

For the first you should do a feature request.
The second has the advantage that you can add to the website yourself and other that are living and don't mind to be on the web.


Hope that helps.


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