2.2.10 fixes some exotic missing references (eg source in attribute of an object), so it is worthwile to run the three tools mentioned after upgrade and taking a backup.


2008/1/27, Ian Darwin <ian@darwinsys.com>:
Benny Malengier wrote:
> Please, upgrade to version 2.2.10, see tar.gz package on our sourceforge
> site.
> Then take a backup as .gramps file
> Then in the Tools menu do:
> a/rebuild secondary indeces
> b/rebuild reference tables.
> c/Run the check tool
> That should solve the problem I htink, as I suspect some errors in the
> data, not an error in the code.

Thanks for your quick response. In fact, i was able to get around this
by just doing 'c', the Check/Repair Database tool, then correcting the
incomplete record using the program normally. I now have a working
database. But, I'll work on getting the port upgraded to 2.2.10 as you

Ian D