Don't know,

but if you filter on all bugs, then do csv export, you would already have a lot of data to play with.


2008/1/24, James G. Sack (jim) <>:
Benny Malengier wrote:
> Hi,
> this mail to let you know that Trevor activated the graph module of the
> mantis bug tracker.
> Developers should see a summary link and the possibility to see trends about
> bugs with graphs.
> See eg: to gloat
> about the amount of bugs I fixed already ;-)
> I also asked Trevor to activate target releases so we can use the roadmap
> feature of mantis. Let's hope he has the time to figure that out too! See eg
> I think that would be interesting to keep track of what would still need to
> be done before 3.0


A related question: I know there are reports, and a csv-export on the
view-issues page, but I wonder if the entire database might be available
for downloading to allow playing around with custom queries.


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