2008/1/9, Duncan Lithgow <dlithgow@gmail.com>:
Two things:

1. Location convention
2. RFE for 'Find possible duplicate people'
3. Naming conventions

= 1. =
I think that the two 'tools' 'Verify the database' and 'Find possible
duplicate people' should be in the same submenu. At the moment they are
- 'Tools > Utilities > Verify the database'
- 'Tools > Database Processing > Find possible duplicate people'

I have no special preference, but then I don't understand how 'database
processing' is different from what GRAMPS does generally. One thought is
that the names there could be bit more user friendly, they're a bit
nerdy. Would a 'Database Maintenance' menu be a useful concept?

Please discuss, I'll file an RFE if it looks like worth doing.

You find a feature request for this, add a comment there.