I have always thought endnotes would be better called bibliography, just like in scholarly articles. I'm no native of that funny little island where people drive on the wrong side of the road though....


2007/12/28, Leif B. Kristensen <leif@solumslekt.org>:
On Friday 28. December 2007, Duncan Lithgow wrote:

>Endnotes can be sources (Kilder) but can be many other things.
>When you read a biography or history book there are often references
>with numbers which you can look up at the end of the book. These are
>'notes' because they are not part of the main text, and they are at
> the 'end'.
>What are those things called in Norwegian? That's probably the word
> you want.

They are called 'Noter', plain and simple, whether they are placed at
the bottom of the page, at the end of each chapter, or at the end of
the book. Just open any Norwegian book with a note apparatus.

Thinking of it, I should probably change the subheading in my own Exodus
as well, from 'Kilder' to 'Noter'. Most of them are source references,
but some are my own ramblings.
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