Gramps does not keep media files in the database, only the path to the image. So the size of images has no influence on database size.
Gramps does use a hidden thumbnail directory where the thumbnails are stored, but I would not worry about that.

Hence, just add all media you find relevant, even movies.
Note that this means that backup to .gramps format does not contain the images, but you can export to .gpkg for that. That file will however be huge in the case of many pictures. For that reason, I personally back up to .gramps, and back up the dir with the pictures seperately


2007/12/28, Vitali S. <>:
Maybe a bit stupid qestion.

I have scans from old photos, with quite high resolution. I want to put then under "Media".
What exactly does GRAMPS keep in database? Just a thumbnails and links to JPEGs? Or big size of JPEGs will impact to performance etc.

So what is a best way to put big scans in to GRAMPS?


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