2007/12/13, Raphael Ackermann <raphael.ackermann@gmail.com>:

There is a media view that stores media object that can be of several
types. In the people editor on the other hand there is a gallery tab
where such media can be added. Shouldn't this be called media tab, or
is it only meant for adding pictures? I was wondering where to add a
pdf document and think the gallery tab is the most suitable. In the
dialog that opens it also says "select a media object" and not just
"select a photo" which would indicate that the tab should be called

Indeed. We are in the impression that Gallery is a  better name to indicate to new users to use that tab to add pictures, the most common action. This helps in finding your way when first starting with gramps.
Do you think Media, although perhaps technically more correct, would offer the same recognition?



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