Jerome, others,

somebody feel like trying these patches so as to have feedback of other users on its usefullness?
Personally I don't use many reports, so have little feeling for what is an improvement or not.

Brian, as main 'report' developer, you feel like handling this further?


2007/12/13, James Friedmann < >:
Hello Benny,

I think I shouldn't be using the bug report anymore, so that it
doesn't call more attention. I'd like to leave you at ease to decide
whether or not you'll use any of that code.

I have been using it, and have come up with a couple more ideas.

Some things in this patch are just idiosyncratic, but I'm too lazy to
separate what I want to show from what I'm just using. I'm using the
modreg numbering with the prefixes. The ODF patch seems to
make it work OK for that format. The DDR patch is mostly about
removing noise in the last generation, which is a big problem for
me in the DDR. It includes a test so that only people who married
( i.e., those for whom there is additional information to display) get
an entry in their own generation.

Maybe there could be another indicator to show that someone was
married but without issue (& maybe).

The test should also include people for  whom there are notes, because
they too should get an entry in their own generation.

I'm not sure you'll have the time to try this, but I thought I'd send
it anyway.

Best Regards,