with all the date work you have done in trunk, could you take a look at this?

this is a development version, thanks for the bug submission, but know that the code is not stable and not for day to day use. We would also be gratefull if you post bugs in development version on the bug tracker instead of this mailing list:


2007/12/10, Ken <>:
User Information:

After opening Gramps I begun merging duplicate places.
I had processed some when this error happened.

Error Details:

662019: ERROR: line 165: Unhandled exception
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/benny/gramps30/src/Merge/", line 150, in merge
    person = self.db.get_person_from_handle(handle)
  File "/home/benny/gramps30/src/gen/db/", line 750, in
    return self.get_from_handle(handle, Person, self.person_map )
  File "/home/benny/gramps30/src/gen/db/", line 1559, in
  File "/home/benny/gramps30/src/gen/lib/", line 190, in
  File "/home/benny/gramps30/src/gen/lib/", line 130, in unserialize
    SourceBase.unserialize(self, source_list)
  File "/home/benny/gramps30/src/gen/lib/", line 71, in
    for item in data]
  File "/home/benny/gramps30/src/gen/lib/", line 87, in unserialize
    DateBase.unserialize(self, date)
  File "/home/benny/gramps30/src/gen/lib/", line 75, in
unserialize = Date()
  File "/home/benny/gramps30/src/gen/lib/", line 157, in __init__
    self.sortval  = source.sortval
TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for %=: 'NoneType' and 'NoneType'

System Information:

Python version: 2.5.1 (r251:54863, Oct  5 2007, 13:36:32) [GCC 4.1.3
20070929 (prerelease) (Ubuntu 4.1.2-16ubuntu2)]
BSDDB version:
Gramps version: 2.3.91-0.SVN9440
OS: Linux
Distribution: 2.6.22-14-generic

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