there is an inconsistency in our add media.

If you want to add a media in the media view, you see the AddMedia dialog, you select what you want to add, click ok. This brings you back to the view, with the media added, so you never have seen the media editor eg to add notes or sources! You need to search it in the list of media and reopen it    ==> this is different from other objects

If you add a new media reference in gallery tab by adding a new media, you again obtain the addmedia dialog, Clicking OK again saves the media object, then gives you the mediareference editor. Clicking cancel on this editor means the media is saved nevertheless ==> this is different from other objects.

Furthermore, the media reference editor has no select pad button to change the pad, but it does have a way to change the pad by typing.

The media editor however has a select pad button, but clicking it opens the normal file selector, and not the preview window as seen in the Addmedia.

This looks very inconsistent to me. Hence my suggestion: Have media work as the other objects. However, on opening a media editor with no handle yet, immeditialy spawn the select path window. This select path window is the present AddMedia window without relative path or description. It is only to select the a path and show preview. On ok click, media object is _not_ saved, only the path is returned to the media editor or the media reference editor.

Does that sound more consistent?