what you ask is very advanced and not included.
Feel free to suggest something but no ideas come to my mind on how to do it.

I would suggest you make the sentence such that genetive is not needed.
That is, name_display routine gives the name as in gramps. It is not capable of constructing a genetive.
Futhermore, relcalc is a tool which we don't want to localize with different versions. So the should contain the code to do that depending on the language.

Is it really not possible to give a different sentence construction so that the problem does not arise. Eg
' person a, person b: not related'
It is a very different translation, but would be correct and not require some complicated programming from our part.


No it wouldn't  work with gettext like that, declination rules are much
more complicated. I need to somehow override those p1 and p2 like
overriding get_single_relationship_string() take those two person or
their handle and extract their names and surnames and passed it to
function which will do declination magic.

-- Josip